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How can your financial adviser help you?

Having a financial adviser to support your monetary goals can be useful at every stage of life. However, I recognise that this can be a big commitment, so it’s important to make the most of your meetings. There are several areas we could be discussing on a regular basis to make sure you’re getting the most from our engagement, and that we can best support you as you need:

Budgeting, setting objectives & saving effectively Reviewing your financial situation, goals and strategies regularly can help to keep you on track and targeted to achieving the best possible outcome. Building a strong, trusted relationship with me will help me to better guide you through significant financial decisions, as I’ll have all the context I need to provide you with the best possible advice. If your circumstances change, be sure to keep me updated so that I can amend my advice accordingly.

Property & mortgages Whatever rung of the property ladder you’re on, I’m happy to act as a sounding board. This might mean giving you guidance on investment property, rental options, or minimising the tax implications of current or future purchases. I can also help you review your mortgage so it’s best suited to help you achieve your longer-term goals.

Investments I can support you as you build and refine your investment portfolio either onshore or overseas. Given the economic turbulence the world is facing, regular contact with an objective expert can provide you with the reassurance and real-time advice you need to make the best decisions for your portfolio. I can also help to manage your level of risk on an ongoing basis.

Retirement & estate planning It’s never too soon to start thinking about retirement, so let’s chat to make sure you and your loved ones are preparing the most tax-effective way by considering options like super contributions and investment bonds. Keeping me updated with your personal circumstances as well as financial ones can also help me advise you on the best way to plan and structure your estate.

Tax While looking over your portfolio, be sure to regularly ask me about how you can streamline your tax more effectively. I’ll always be on the lookout for strategies to minimise your tax obligations in a responsible way. If you would like to discuss any of the above, please get in touch at any time and I’d be glad to talk things through. Any advice is general in nature only and has been prepared without considering your needs, objectives or financial situation. Before acting on it you should consider its appropriateness for you, having regard to those factors.

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