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Why Claims Management Should be Important to you

Completing major claims documentation can be a difficult task, especially if you are hospitalised with an injury or major illness. Wading through a 24-page document requiring concentration may not be top of your agenda. And then once completed, you may be subject to stalling tactics or a claims assessor looking for an avenue to avoid paying you. This can cause mental anguish on top of your illness or injury. To assist you through the difficult process, Beaulife personally takes on all the responsibility for managing your claim—for no additional cost.

If you are a client of ours, you benefit from our Claims Management Service.

The Claims Management Service has been developed following experience with over 200 personally managed claims on behalf of clients. We assist with the following:

· Completion of claims documentation

· Provide you with forms for your doctor to complete

· Provide you (& your doctor) with reply paid envelopes for convenience

· Liaising with your doctor/s obtaining supporting documentation for your claim

· We scan everything before emailing directly to the claims assessor

& track the audit trail

· Every document emailed is followed up within our timeframe guidelines—we want prompt action

· Negotiate claims on your behalf

· We can argue points of policy definitions if required to get your claim paid

· Update you regularly so you are constantly informed

· Personal delivery of claims cheque or arranging direct deposit to you

· Explain how a claim payment may affect your other insurance covers

· Explain how policy options such as Buyback & Trauma Reinstatement work with regard to your timeframes

· We diarise these timeframes as insurers generally will not advise you

· We can lodge complaints on your behalf if your claim needs disputing


“Thanks to Beaulife, their advice and assistance, when I was diagnosed with cancer I was able to take time off during treatment and post treatment to recover. Not having a financial burden meant I was able to rest and I felt very cared for.”

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